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The SRO Tool

Prevent damage to your battery cover as well as your SRO by using The SRO Tool! As you know these caps require a lot of force to remove and install because of the battery cap o-ring that prevents moisture from getting into the battery compartment. It is extremely easy to remove and install your battery cover using The SRO Tool. Designed to prevent damage to your SRO battery cap when changing the battery. The SRO Tool is the right tool for the job!


The SRO Tool news...

We are proud to announce that Sig Guy, LLC is the new owner of The SRO Battery tool and Nothing has changed with the product except the ownership. We will continue offering the exact same tool you have grown to love and depend on. If you are currently a distributor and need to restock or if you are interested in becoming a new distributor please contact us using the form below.  Thank you for choosing The SRO Tool!  

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